I think the most notable feature of my senior thesis collection was my hand embroidered dragon. What was meant to be a simple 6"x6" project for my Couture Techniques class turned into a massive 15"x18" week long project, and an attempt to start off my last year of college on the right foot. It's a shame that after my graduation in May of 2015, the beautiful creature spent over 2 years in storage, never to be seen by another human ever again.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.30.06 PM.png

Close friends, family, and maybe even some of my former classmates might remember the piece. A black jacquard jacket with a floor length chiffon skirt attached at the waist, and of course the dragon sewn onto the back. It was the first of five looks that I completed for my evening wear collection. 

While I liked how my collection came out, I regret I did not make this piece in particular a little more wearable. The "jacket", if you remember, without the chiffon skirt is a very cropped piece with a wimpy cape clasp at center front. Definitely not something I'd wear on a daily basis. As my time out of MassArt pass I wish I had something to show for those 4 years of sleepless nights and forty-something thousand dollars of tuition. 


The answer became clear, if I couldn't wear something I created then I'd make it wearable. The star of my collection was the dragon. It was a piece of my craftsmanship that I wanted the world to see. But what to do? How could I turn this into timeless piece that would never sit in storage again? (Or at least until winter comes)

A quick scroll through Instagram gave me the answer. A denim jacket, a staple in every woman's closet, and something I had yet to own. Thanks to Google I found the perfect ultra soft black denim jacket, a new home for my fantastic beast. 

With the help of my seam ripper and sewing machine, my admired dragon will again be seen by the world.